Jamie Thakrar

PhD student

Rosalyn Moran group
[w/ S Lightman & S Quadflieg]

I'm currently in the third year of the 4-year Neural Dynamics PhD programme. I am working under the supervision of Stafford Lightman (Bristol), Rosalyn Moran and Susanne Quadflieg investigating the relationship between the stress hormone, cortisol, emotional processing and functional connectivity of the brain. I am working on conducting my own healthy volunteer study to research how cortisol dynamics can alter emotional processing with fMRI and dynamic causal modelling (DCM).

For the first half of my PhD I have worked with Konstantinos Kalafatakis on a clinical trial and research study of glucocorticoid administration patterns in patients with Addison's disease (a condition of adrenal insufficiency), using fMRI scanning and computational methods.